I love candy and gum.

Remember Dentyne gum?

Those rectangular-shaped pieces of cinnamon chewing gum that lost their flavor within ten minutes? And left the tip of your tongue feeling numb? I loved Dentyne, for some reason. Don’t see the classic version much these days.

Before that, I remember chewing TeaBerry gum. My grandmother would always have it in her purse. She no longer carries it, but I’ve seen it at Cracker Barrel.

What about the gum FreshenUp? Small squares with flavored gel inside? FruitStripe? Loved it…and no less than three sticks at a time would do.

Remember old-fashioned candy sticks, individually wrapped in plastic and displayed in glass jars?

When I was a child, my parents would give me spare change and I would ride my bike down to the General store to buy two or three. Fruit Punch, Cinnamon, and Bubble Gum were my favorites. All for a dime apiece.

I even loved when Mom took me to Dr. Henderson. The end of his tongue depressors had been dipped in a strawberry candy, then hardened. I would be rewarded with it just for sticking out my tongue and saying “ahh.”

Fun times, years ago.