Here’s another thing I don’t do.

I met a friend for lunch today, and I’m not typically one to go ahead and be seated if I happen to arrive first. Mainly because I RARELY arrive first. Not to mention that I don’t dine in restaurants alone. Can’t stand it. I’d rather hit the drive-thru and eat in my car.

The hostess said she could “go ahead and seat me,” and before I could tell her that I was fine waiting, I found myself walking to a table. No big deal. I’m an adult.

I was sitting there at the table, waiting for my friend, when it dawned on me…

What if she DID get there first? She strikes me as the type to go ahead and be seated, and what if, perhaps, she is ALSO sitting at a table. Waiting on me? What if we are BOTH sitting at separate tables, waiting on each other?

Don’t think I didn’t scan the restaurant, just in case. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see her, since these things happen to me.

Hey, at least I entertain myself.