I cleaned out my closet yesterday.

Got rid of pants that I haven’t worn in years, tops that should have been tossed a year ago, and shoes that were begging to be thrown in the trash. The one thing that made the cut?

My fuzzy red slippers. I can’t get rid of them.

They’ve been with me since I had my oldest son, and I love to wear them. In my pj’s, or in my shorts while cooking dinner, they are comfortable and soft.

If you ask Greg, they should have been replaced three years ago. My red slippers are now red and GREEN, since I got a little careless while painting the family room four years back. But, that’s ok, I love them anyway.

I’ve held on to these just like Greg held on to that jacket he owned since before we met. The one that I persuaded him to sell in our yard sale. For a $1.00.

Don’t get any ideas.