I don’t watch tv.

Obviously, anyone with kids knows its virtually impossible to watch a show and not be interrupted, so I don’t even bother. By the time I tuck the boys in bed, I wrap up a few loose ends, like dishes, or laundry, and its time for me to call it a night. That’s the downfall of getting up early.

As a result, I watch tv, well…um…NEVER.

So, when I hear my friends or co-workers talk about this new show, or the latest scoop on Days of Our Lives, I may as well count the hairs on my forearms.

I’m clueless.

Instead of talking about my favorites, I’ve compiled a list of 5 shows I’d like to watch. If there were more hours in the day.

1. Supernanny. This show makes me feel like I’m somewhat normal, and my house isn’t as chaotic as it COULD be.

2. DAWG, the Bounty Hunter. I was hooked on this show during my maternity leave. Something about his mullet and his wife’s interesting, ahem, fashion choices.

3. 90210, the new version. I was a big fan back in the 90’s. But, not a fan of Brenda’s. Nothing’s changed there.

4. Dancing with the Stars. Talk about double-sided tape! Seems like any minute someone’s bound to have a wardrobe malfunction. (Jerry Springer, anyone?)

5. Ok, this is sad, but I can’t think of another. I even walked away from the computer for 20 minutes, and nothin.’ Nothing! I’ve racked my brain…put dinner in the oven, checked the mail, answered the phone (it was a wrong number), and can’t think of a single show. Except, maybe, Growing Pains, but it’s old.

So, I guess I should have titled this…

The Top 4 TV Shows I’d LIKE To Watch. And there you have it.