Found something that touched my heart over the weekend.

I was visiting Mom, and looking through some of Dad’s things. I feel especially close to him when I look at his collection of books. He read all of the time.

One of the books I came across was Willard Scott’s “If I Knew It Was Going To Be This Much Fun, I Would Have Become a Grandparent First.”

Dad loved being a grandparent. He was good at it.

He always had a pocket full of tootsie rolls for the kids, handed them Dum-Dum suckers, and kept his freezer stocked with ice cream sandwiches.

Inside the book, country legend Charlie Daniels wrote what being a grandparent means to him. Here’s what he said…

I am firmly convinced that the greatest gift God ever gave to mankind is children of our own. Children bring a sweetness to our lives that nothing else can provide. And if children are the dessert of life, grandchildren are the icing.

“Mom, you never let me jump up and down on the furniture like that.” “Why in the world did you buy that for him? His room is so full of toys now that you can’t walk in it.” “You’ve already taken him to Disney World once this year.”

Well, so what? Grandchildren are the most privileged characters on the planet. Who else can have breakfast at the Pancake House, lunch at McDonald’s, and dinner at Chuck E. Cheese’s?

So just what is it about these munchkins that melts the hearts of aging people, these miniature tyrants with the chocolate milk mustaches? I’m sure I can’t answer that to everyone’s satisfaction, but to me it’s a lot of things. It’s the innocent eyes not yet clouded by worldly cares and the absolute trust that only a small child can have. It’s the job of watching them tear open brightly-colored packages at Christmas time. It’s the thrill of being there for the first fish he catches or teaching him how to hold a golf club. It’s taking him on his first plane flight. It’s hugs and kisses and deep feelings that only our grandson could foster.

It’s just plain wonderful. God bless all the grandchildren.