Ever have a smell remind you of something or someone?

That happened to me over the weekend. I came across one of Dad’s cigar ashtrays that I gave him for Father’s Day, with the butts still in it. Every time I take in the scent, it reminds me of him. I used to smell the cigars when I put my arms around Dad’s neck, so I have become rather fond of them.

Not sure other scents bring back the same good memories. Such as…

-Obsession cologne. I’m sure it’s a great cologne, but my ex used to wear it. Nice guy, of course, but still an ex. Enough said.

-Baby formula. I love, love, love my nephew, Jackson, who is five months old. However, feeding him over the weekend reminded me of some of my own late nights of no sleep.

-Final Net hairspray. Reminds me of my big hair days in the 90’s. By the way, Final Net and swimming don’t mix.

-That orange sawdust-looking stuff that janitors would use to clean up a classmate’s lunch. A lunch that “didn’t stay down,” if you know what I’m sayin’.

-Finally, burnt hair. Every once in awhile, a few strands will get caught in my hairdryer. It’s not pleasant. Think Michael Jackson, if you would.

Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.