I have a sore throat this morning.

So, I purchased some Ricola throat drops and have them with me in the studio. Oddly enough, I noticed the front of the bag lists the number of drops that are included inside. It reads:

19 Drops

Nineteen? Why nineteen? Why not twenty, and make it even?

I showed Jim and Kevin. Clearly, one more could have easily fit into the bag. Kind of like a bag of potato chips that is only half-full.

Why didn’t they just throw in one more?

While we’re at it, why is the speed limit in my neighborhood 11 1/2 mph? No kidding, that’s what the signs read. How do I drive a 1/2 a mile?

Same with our snooze button, that goes off after 9 minutes. Why not ten?

Just some things that drive me crazy.