I have a good friend in Georgia named Michelle. She seems to always have the right thing to say or do at times when I need it the most.

Her son, Jacob, and my son Griffin are quite fond of each other. In fact, Jacob is the first person Griffin ever e-mailed. At the age of 6, he wrote his first letter to Jacob on the computer.

My sisters, mother, and I are taking things a day at a time since my father passed away 5 weeks ago. Most days are tough. Other days are tougher.

Last night, I logged on to my computer and scrolled through pictures of Dad, remembering all of the good times. When I checked my e-mail, Michelle had sent me one explaining that Jacob had just said his nightly prayers, including…

“And God, please pray for Griffin…and let the force be with him.”

I like it so much, I may just start putting that at the end of my own. And let the force be with you.