One night last week, I spent the night with Mom, while the boys and Greg stayed at home. I guess you could say Mom and I had a slumber party. We made a late-night run for milk, then came home and stayed up talking till 1 am.

The following morning, Greg called to say hello and said he was taking the boys to the local doughnut shop. Griff took the phone to say good morning, and said he and Hayden were still wearing their pj’s with Crocs on their feet. He wasn’t sure he wanted to go inside wearing his pajamas.

I reassured him that it was no big deal. “You will be in and out of their in a matter of minutes.” Finally, he agreed.

Greg called back during their drive home to tell me it didn’t go as he had planned. Once inside, Griff heard a familiar voice call out to him. It was a female friend from his second-grade class. “Griffin! Hey, Griffin!” I’m getting doughnuts, too!” Griffin bashfully hid behind his father.

Then the end of the world flashed before his eyes when he heard her say…

“How cute…you’re still wearing your pj’s!”