Well, it happened.

My 3-year-old was watching America’s Funniest Videos when he casually announced what some parents aren’t ready to hear. “Mom, I want a baby.” After choking on a apple slice, I asked him to repeat what he said. “A baby. I want one.”

“You mean a baby brother or a baby sister?” Hayden went on to say, “No, I want a baby Jackson.” Baby Jackson is my 3-month-old nephew, whose mom is MY baby sister.

I explained that getting a baby Jackson just isn’t going to happen. He’s spoken for.

Hayden went on to say he would be very nice to this baby, and watch tv together. When I explained that the baby would cry at night, Hayden told me that’s ok, cause he’ll be sleeping. Right…but Mommy won’t be. He eventually decides to compromise and says…

“Just bring one home tomorrow, ok?”