David Hasselhoff.

Mr. Knight Rider, or you may know him from saving lives while donning swimtrunks on Baywatch. He’s always been known as a little self-promoting. No one likes David Hasselhoff more than David Hasselhoff. Hey, the guy doesn’t have self-esteem issues.

So, I watched him on “America’s Got Talent” last night. I was lifting weights, trying to work off the chocolate cupcake I had eaten two hours earlier, when suddenly it hit me.

David Hasselhoff is kinda hot.

I know. I know. What was I thinking? Any man who calls himself “The Hoff” may have a screw loose.

Maybe it was the camoflage vest and artsy glasses he was wearing. Who knows. I know this…thinking the Hoff is good-looking is less embarrassing than Kenneth Starr.

Back during the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, I thought Mr. Starr was sort of handsome. My co-hosts did NOT let me live that one down.

I’m the Hoff’s newest fan, just don’t tell anyone.