The look.

That glance we women sometimes get from our spouses. It could be the result of several different things. Usually involving some sort of frustration.

That’s my husband, Greg, in the above photo, giving me “the look” when I told him to say cheese. We were at Disney. It was hot. Lines were long. Kids were fussy.

His look tells me he is…

Questioning why we were at Disney in June.

Or wondering how long he could listen to “It’s A Small World After All” before boarding the boat.

That “look” can also be in a crowded department store when I tell him I’m going to try on “one more thing.”

Or when I say I “forgot” to write in my debits, then hand him a purseful.

Or when he gets home with the groceries, only to find I didn’t put milk on the list.


The look doesn’t happen all the time, just on occasion. I kind of like it.