Some drive-thru’s are quick and have this “fast food” thing down to a science. Others…not so much.

A couple of days ago, the boys and I placed our order at a drive-thru that fell in the “not so much” category. Here’s what happened…

I ordered. The guy working the speaker repeated my order back, but it was wrong. I gave it to him again. Two kids meals with chicken nuggets and a hamburger.

I pull to the second window, they repeat someone else’s order to me. Nope, that’s not it. I repeat the order a third time.

At the pickup window, the employee asks me to confirm an order of “two cheeseburgers and a large fry?”

Uhhhh…no. Here we go again. Repeat a fourth time.

He looks confused. Soon, a manager appears. I’m asked to give the order again. I fake a smile and wonder when the nightmare will end. Griffin asks me, “What is taking so long?”

Finally, I am handed two kids meals and no hamburger. I knock on the window.

“Sorry bout that,” they say.

I go to pull away, and the boys red flag the toys in their kids meals. They were for girls.

Of course they are.

I knock on the window again and explain my predicament, saying if the boys are forced to play with girl toys all the way home, Mommy’s gonna lose it. Don’t they know we come here for the sole purpose of getting the featured toy that week?

After what seemed like an hour, we drove away, much to the pleasure of the car behind me.

And they call it FAST food.