The boys are recreating last night’s Jonas Brothers concert in our living room today. It’s getting intense.

Microphones, toy guitars, tamborines, etc are scattered all around. Hayden grabbed three stepstools to hop on, trying to immitate the moment in the show when Nick, Joe, and Kevin stood on pedestals that rose at least twenty feet into the air.

Griffin asked me to help him work on his frontward flip. “Like Nick did,” he said. He may have his work cut out for him.

Hayden adopted Kevin’s move where he holds his guitar and spins around several times in a row.

Hayden later ran to his room, and returned with a white T-shirt. “Nick wears white,” Hayden told me. Of course he does.

Finally, it dawned on my boys that the Jonas Brothers had three people in the group, and we only had two. Guess who was asked to fill in?

Yep. It was a sight to see. The three of us atop a stepstool.

Rock on.