I love text messages.

What a concept. Send a message and be done with it. Get a reply and answer on your own time. Good for busy schedules these days.

It’s sort of like calling someone, but secretly hoping to get their voicemail to avoid a long conversation.

You know who you are.

The problem with texting is when you respond to a couple of different people, who then respond back to you, and you find yourself in more than one conversation.

For example, my friend was having a bad day, so I wanted to tell her about a sale at a nearby store. “Go buy yourself a cute top, they’re half-off,” I wrote. My co-host, Jim, also wrote, asking me whose turn it was to carpool to work.

Evidently, I accidentally sent HIM the message for my friend about the sale. Jim wrote back…

“Ok. I’m off to buy a cute top, but who’s drivin’?”