I’m a lipgloss junkie.

I apply it all day long. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Saturday, I set out to buy a new tube from my favorite store. The store clerk asked me to try a couple of new shades.

Ok…I had a minute to spare.

After applying the first one, my lips began tingling. They felt warm. I know one thing, I didn’t like it. The clerk went on to tell me that the tingling sensation was the result of the “lip plumping potion” in the gloss. The WHAT?

I immediately wiped it off. I don’t even like it when my foot falls asleep. Why would I want Steven-Tyler lips that I can’t feel? No thanks. I bought my usual non-plumping shade, and headed out.

By the way, the weird tingling faded half-way through my chicken salad sandwich.