Today is my oldest son’s birthday. He’s 7. I’m excited to celebrate the day with him.

I wrote this in honor of my little man.

Dear Griffin,

Seven years ago, I never could have guessed how you would change my life. You have such a sweet soul, and compassion for others. I’m proud of you.

Proud of how you wake up each day with a smile on your face. Recently, I called home from work to see how your day was going, and you greeted me by saying, “Morning Mommy!” When I asked how you were, you told me, “It’s a great day!” I wish I could bottle up some of that zest for life that you always display.

I love how you think of others. You ask the doctor for an extra sticker to take home to your brother. When we passed a boy playing on the porch of a farmhouse, you remarked, “Mom, that boy is all alone. Maybe I should come back sometime and play with him.”

When you had the flu all night, you told me you were sorry that I didn’t get much sleep. Yet, you were the one who was miserable.

I told you the other night when I tucked you in that I am glad to be your mom. I mean it. Birthdays are all about gift-giving, but I got the best gift of all.

Happy Birthday, buddy.