Our busy summer continues.

Tonight, I decided to show the boys how I used to make popcorn when I was younger. It was a lesson in “easier isn’t always better.” No need to throw a bag in the microwave.

Instead, we used Jiffy Pop. (I also used an air popper as a kid, and my favorite method, oil in a pan.) But, I figured the Jiffy Pop would result in a greater visual effect.

The boys eyes lit up like they had just discovered a truck full of ice cream. They were amazed, and for about two minutes, it was quiet in our home.

As the foil ball got bigger, Hayden screamed “It’s gonna explode!” Then he said, “Mommy, you were LUCKY.” After tasting it, Griffin remarked, “Wow, it tastes just like the movies!”

They later asked if we could pop our corn like this EVERY time.

Yep. Now pass the salt.