I feel like I’m losing it. Let me explain.

Jim, my co-host, lives close to me, so we’ve been carpooling to help with the high cost of gas. Today was my turn to drive, so I told Jim I would be there at 3:45 am.

I set my alarm, like always, and went to bed.

This morning, I hit snooze a couple of times, and got up to shower for work. I took my time, keeping an eye on the clock to make sure I wouldn’t be late. Nope. Not me. I was ahead of schedule.

So, I found it odd when I pulled up to Jim’s house and found the place dark. I called his cell. “Did you leave, thinking I wasn’t coming?” He didn’t seem to understand. I went on to say, “I’m at your house, its 3:45.” Jim laughed and said…

“I’m at work, and Deb…it’s 4:45. I figured you overslept.”

We were set to go on the air in 15 minutes and I was 20 minutes away. After a few choice words, I said I’d be right there. I then spent my drive on 465 trying to figure out how I was an hour OFF.

How does this happen?