It’s about that time again.

The State Fair is in just over two weeks. My boys love it. My extended family goes as well, and its not the fair if you didn’t eat a corn dog and a lemonade shakeup.

I remember the year I cringed when I paid $5.00 for Griffin’s turkey leg, only to have the guy next to Griff at the table accidentally pick it up and take a bite. “My bad,” was his response.


Before you know it, we’ll be back.

Going down the carpet slide, even though I get sick to my stomach climbing those narrow stairs, and shelling out several dollars for the ringtoss so we can take home a stuffed animal that won’t fit in our car. Last year, we had to give it away to another family.

We never leave without stopping in the swine barn. That’s last year’s photo above.

See, there’s more than corn in Indiana.