I received an odd call from Greg while sitting at my desk yesterday at work.

He had run to the grocery store, and asked, “Where do they keep the Uncrustables?”


Greg explained that he was in the frozen food section and was having trouble finding them. And for some unknown reason, he was asking me.

“Ask an employee,” I told him. Greg went on to tell me that I buy them all the time so he figured I would know.


So, my co-workers listened to me guide Greg around the frozen veggies, garlic toast, and popsicles. “It’s a red and white box,” I told him.

“I don’t think they have them,” Greg said in frustration. “They HAVE them,” I said. Finally, just past the nuggets and fishsticks, he found the pre-made PB & J’s. Yes, my-co-workers were laughing.