Accident-prone. It’s my middle name. Things just happen.

So, Jim and Kevin were convinced that something BAD would happen when I went boating over the weekend. To be honest, it was a concern that had crossed my mind as well.

I truly expected to lose my balance and fall overboard. Or squeeze sunscreen into the boys’ eyes. Or worse, drop my cell-phone in the water. (I left it at home.)

Instead, it was uneventful as far as mishaps go. The worst that happened was the bun on my Subway sandwich got a little soggy. I’ll take it.

Once we arrived home, the boys decided to play with some neighbor kids in our backyard just as it was getting dark. Within five minutes, I hear both Griffin and Hayden screaming and running toward me in the driveway.

They were playing a round of “Ghosts in the Graveyard” and ran into each other, bruising both of their foreheads.

I’ll take boating anyday.