The kids love it. And so does our local grocery store. I will spend more than usual on groceries over these next few months.

I ran to the supermarket late last night and spent $193.00. That included sunscreen.

So far, my boys have managed to eat…

Donuts and bananas with milk to drink for breakfast.

Two low-sugar juice boxes each.

Fresh strawberries, chicken nuggets and green beans for lunch.

Watermelon and one of those 100-calorie snack packs for an afternoon snack.

Baked chicken, peas, and rice for dinner.

Not long after dinner, they raided the fridge…tearing open a Go-Gurt each.

More watermelon. Oh, and a blueberry muffin for both.

Bottled waters and another banana for Griff.

And they just asked me…

“What’s for dessert?”