That’s what I have to say about my son Hayden’s accomplishment of doing his business in the potty, if you know what I’m sayin.

I remember Sara Evans telling me how hard it was to potty-train her daughter Olivia on a tour bus.

I didn’t even have that excuse. Just a stubborn 3-year-old.

Call me crazy, but I made a HUGE deal over it, hoping his success would be etched in his mind FOREVER.

In fact, I was on the phone when Hayden announced the news, and I actually told the caller to hang on while I jumped up and down and did a little happy dance with my boy. But, the celebration didn’t end there.

I loaded up both of my sons in the car and we headed for the nearest store. Ten minutes later, we walked out with four cans of silly string. Then, we headed home to have ourselves a party.

All for an act of mother nature.