Would you feel comfortable having someone look inside your closet? Singer Phil Vassar is down with that.

That’s me in Phil’s closet when the morning show visited his Nashville mansion back in November. One thing’s for sure, our pal Phil has enough shoes to last a lifetime.

He was a gracious host, telling us to “take a look around.” I even sat at the baby grande piano where he’s written several hit songs.

Closets. In my home, they aren’t so tidy. Especially the walk-in closet I share with my husband.

His side is ultra-neat and organized. All of his baseball hats are turned the same way, and his hangers don’t touch.

Mine…not so much. But, it’s organized chaos. I know where things are in that mess of mine.

Black scarf? It’s shoved under my winter boots.

Brown belt? Resting on the same hangar as my blue pullover.

Green t-shirt that has faded but I can’t bring myself to throw away? Shoved to the very back.

Oddly enough, I never seem to have trouble finding my size 11 1/2 running shoes. Discreet little things.

By the way, Phil, any man who wears pink is cool in my book.