Reba McEntire loves a good board game.

The superstar says she can’t get enough, and is very competitive. On vacation, she lets her family get some pool time in, then breaks out a round of Monopoly.

School is out next week, and my boys will be on summer break. That means I’m just days away from hearing…

“I’m bored.”

In an effort to keep my little monkeys busy and entertained during their days of relaxation, I’ve decided to peel them away from our television. Less time “watching” and more time “doing.”

On the itinerary are activities such as:

Tug-o-war. 3-year-old Hayden just might give his older brother a run for his money.

Homemade popsicles. I remember filling up the ice-cube tray with orange juice and inserting a stick. Yum! Just one problem…we don’t own an ice cube tray.

Making homemade ice cream. I remember doing this with my grandmother. My boys think ice cream is made at the grocery.

After the ice cream is ready, making root beer floats. Except they don’t like root beer.

Building castles in the sandbox. Then dragging half of it back inside.

Puzzles. And lets hope all of the pieces are there.

Fireball. My husband’s version of dodgeball. All of the neighbor kids gather around and Greg takes them out one by one. Seems a little unfair, but they love it.

We’re on track for a fun summer!

And if I play my cards right, an early bedtime.