Bathing suit season. UGH.

Most women dread it. Unless you’re IRL driver Danica Patrick. She posed for Swimsuit Illustrated this year. The rest of us are posing in our mirrors, looking for evidence of that cheesecake we ate last week. Yep, it’s there.

I chatted with Danica, and she was rather frank about some things.

The interview was set on Indy’s northwest side. She arrived in a black Lincoln Towne car with tinted windows, and a large security team flanking her side.

She pushed her long dark hair out of her face, and I must admit, nearly crushed my fingers when she shook my hand. I pretended not to notice, but secretly wanted to submerge them in ice.

I asked Danica some fun questions to get to know her better. And here is what I learned.

She would rather wax her legs than shave.

She enjoys dining out at a restaurant over ordering in.

She loves pizza more than Chinese.

And if given the choice, Danica would pick wearing her racing suit over a bathing suit. She says its more comfy.

A racing suit? Now that sounds more like it.

Can I wear one to the beach?