“A little disturbing.”

Those were Keith Urban’s words when the morning show told him we held onto a water bottle he left behind during an interview. (Ok, it was one of our relatives who kept it.) Keith laughed when he said it, but can’t quite understand why anyone would be fascinated by that.

After a recent interview with Alabama’s Randy Owen, he grabbed a candy bar that I had on the table. He tore the wrapper a little, then laid it back down. Even Randy joked that I should put it on Ebay now that the candy contained his DNA.

I did some research, and believe it or not, people buy this stuff. Why, I don’t know.

Jessica Simpson threw her gum in the trash on the set of a movie, and an “extra” claims to have put it on Ebay. Highest bid? 455 bucks.

A security guard who claims to have dug through a garbage can after Britney Spears hocked her gum wants someone to buy it. Some fool was willing to pay $14,000.

Christina Aguilera’s gum was only drawing a penny. Ouch.

For the record, I didn’t put Randy Owen’s candy bar on Ebay.

I also didn’t bid on Brad Pitt’s half-eaten eggsalad sandwich.