The boy had to go to the bathroom. BAD.

I’m talking about a boy on the opposing baseball team that Griffin played against last night.

A coach yelled “time out,” and soon a boy doing a silly dance with his hands in a certain place made a beeline for the men’s room. All the adults had a little chuckle.

Imagine my predicament this morning as I was in the studio with my co-host, Kevin, and I realized I had a full bladder. Oops. Darn Starbucks.

We were just starting an interview, and there was no time to make an exit. Suddenly, I felt like that boy on the baseball field.

And Kevin enjoyed it a little too much.

My dear friend grinned from ear to ear, pointed to his watch, and gestured that he would ask a few “extra” questions.

9 minutes later, I’m doing a little happy dance. And I’m 35 years old.

After what seemed like forever, we said our goodbyes, turned off the microphones, and I ran to the ladies room. I also nearly ran over a new sales girl that I hadn’t yet met.

Mom always told me I only get one chance to make a first impression.