The Indy 500.

It’s the big event of the year in Indy, probably the biggest.

The morning show got a unique opportunity to experience what it is like to circle the famous oval in a two-seater car. I immediately declined.

Can’t really explain it, but there’s something nerve-wracking about that. The guys were thrilled, and jumped on board. Reluctantly, I followed.

I signed a waiver that mentioned my death, suited up, and took a call from my mom on my cell phone telling me I was crazy.

I walked toward the pits, certain that I would need a port-o-let when I got there.

Once in the car, I began to hyperventilate. I was feeling claustrophobic.

The engine revs. And off I go. The driver in front of me shows me no mercy, and soon we hit speeds of 180 mph. I CLOSE MY EYES as we hit turn 1, and begin saying over and over, “please be done, please be done.” The driver slows, and just as I think its over, he goes for a second lap.


Once finished, I realize I just got the chance of a lifetime. I’ll try anything ONCE.

This would fall into that category.