That’s the name of the college girl who will be helping us with the boys over the summer. A few hours each day.

She’s very nice. Responsible. Good morals.

She came to the house yesterday to get to know the boys. Within minutes, Hayden walks in and announces that he “needs changed.”

Our feisty three-year-old refuses to do his business on the potty, which explains why we are still buying pull-ups.

It’s an ongoing battle. I tell Hayden that I’m not changing him, so he’ll have to (tongue-in-cheek) do it himself. “I don’t wanna. That’s gross,” he says.

He shoots Greg a glance. “You gonna change me?” Greg shakes his head no.

Hayden scans the room, and zones in on Nicole, whom he JUST MET. He points to her and says…

“Can SHE change me?”

I was hoping Nicole would leave thinking my boys are polite and independent. Instead, I’m hoping she comes back.