Alan Jackson goes to the grocery store once a year.

Once a year. That’s what he told me when we last talked. And the only reason he goes is to see the newest products being sold.

I can’t imagine that. I make at least two stops a week, sometimes three, to a nearby supermarket.

And dare I go alone.

Hayden has figured out that a trip to the store is as fun as visiting an amusement park. He begs for the “driving carts,” those fun little car-like attachments that kids ride in, complete with a steering wheel and seatbelts they can remove on their own. Cant they get those fixed?

Then there is the “copter ride,” as Hayden calls it. Kermit the frog sits next to the child and the chopper moves slowly, all for the price of two quarters that I NEVER have in my wallet. Hang on, buddy, Mommy needs to get change.

Oh, and while I’m getting change, might as well get another quarter for the shiny and tempting gumball machine. Hayden watches as the golf-ball size gumballs swivel around and around and land at his feet, waiting to be picked up by his dimpled fingers.

Way too big for his mouth, I nearly break a tooth trying to break it in half, reminding myself its the last time we get the gumball.

As I buckle Hayden in the car, he kisses my cheek with sticky lips, and asks…

…Can we come back tomorrow?