Dolly Parton is a fan of CSI.

That’s what she told me, Jim, and Kevin when we chatted with her yesterday. She also says she likes to shop from the magazine Fredericks of Hollywood…but that’s another story.

CSI isn’t usually on in my household. But, everyone has a favorite. Lately, my boys, a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old, have been hooked on the new version of American Gladiators.

Oh, and me too.

It’s not exactly “Leave it to Beaver,” but we find ourselves cheering for the red or blue “contender” with popcorn on our laps. It’s nerve-wracking at times.

A few months back, a commercial for American Gladiators aired, featuring Dad contenders competing against each other. I casually joked, “Griff, you think your dad could do that?” Of course, he did. Greg laughed, telling our 6-year-old that if the show ever came to town, his dad would be the first to try out. Of course, he knew they weren’t hitting Indy anytime soon.

Greg in spandex. Gulp.

Cut to the next day. Griff’s teacher calls me to say Greg is a hero among all of the boys in the room. They are so excited to learn that Griffin’s daddy is going to don a helmet and too-tight shorts to be on the show.

I quickly informed her that we were merely kidding, though Griff didn’t see it that way.

Greg may not be a contender on tv, but he certainly is in the eyes of a special 6-year-old boy.

Hey honey, try these on…