Cooking soda. Ever heard of it? Me neither. But, my 3-year-old has. And he wants some. Now. He’s “thirwsty.”

So, I began playing process of elimination with my strong-minded toddler.

He shook his head “no” at every guess I had. I was getting nowhere. Finally, he went to the fridge and grabbed a Sprite. Is Sprite the cooking soda?

I poured a little in a cup, and instead of taking a drink, Hayden put the cup to his ear. Why…I have no idea.

Then, I heard him say, “it sounds like cooking.”

Of course it does.

Hayden hadn’t been given soda before, and the carbonation sounded like something in a frying pan. He was fascinated by it. I sat and watched him, alternating taking sips and putting the cup to his ear.

It had been a rough day, and this little moment was all I needed to remind me what life is all about.

The small things.

Wait till he gets his hand on a bowl of Rice Krispies.