Ouch. Kenny Chesney crushed his foot as he opened the show for his new tour. Talk about bad timing. His foot got stuck between the stage and a lift that rises, just as he was about to sing his first song. Yet, he still went on with the show. He’s nursing that injury now.

A foot. An injury. Pain. That reminds me…

When I was a teenager, a friend of mine rode with me to take my car to the carwash. This was one of those carwashes that you drive through. So, I aligned my wheel to the track, put it in neutral, and before long, my gray Camaro was shiny clean.

At the end, 2-3 employees usually swarm the car and towel-dry any spots that are still damp. It is customary that one signals you when its time to drive away. So, I waited. Got the signal. And put the gear in drive.

That’s when I heard someone yell, “my foot!”

One of the guys didn’t realize I’d been given the green light to leave, and hadn’t stepped out of the way.

I had run over his foot.

Panicked, I put the car in reverse to try and fix the problem, only to RUN OVER HIS FOOT AGAIN!

Fortunately, he survived without any real injuries. And I decided a clean car isn’t really all its cracked up to be.

Hope its a quick recovery, Kenny.