Wynonna Judd says she has a fear of going out in public. She once told me that during an interview where I asked her to tell me “something about yourself that most of us may not know.” There was a long pause. Then Wynonna took a breath and said…

“I have this thing…where I’m supposed to be somewhere and I’ll say…I’m just not going.” Wy said she often doesn’t feel good enough about her appearance and what she’s wearing. I was impressed by her ability to share something so personal.

I’ve since asked that question to other stars we interview. Other answers have been more comical.

Jack Ingram ratted out Brad Paisley, telling us Brad is a Trekkie nerd, and knows a little too much about it.

Carrie Underwood admitted to having a tattoo, but didn’t care too elaborate where its located. She says her dad didn’t speak to her for months.

I figure everyone has at least one “unknown fact” about themselves. I racked my brain trying to think of mine, since I’m pretty much an open book.

Then, one came to me.

I often wear socks that don’t match. Greg can’t stand it, but after doing laundry, I throw them in my third “sock” drawer. I try to find a matching set, but if one white sock has a gray toe, and another has a red seam, that’s ok with me.

They’re SOCKS.

I feel better getting that off my chest.