I fulfilled a childhood dream tonight. No kidding. I worked the concession stand at my 6-year-old son’s baseball game. And I LOVED it! Let me explain.

When I was younger, my sisters and I would “play store.” That meant acting as though we worked in a clothing store, and doing fake “transactions” with play money. I thought I was way cool. I even begged my mom for one of those bungee bracelets and put some keys on it. (My keys opened my make-believe cash register.)

I honestly asked my parents for a real cash register for my birthday, several years in a row. I used to be envious just watching an employee use one. I know, weird.

Oddly enough, the jobs I held during my college years never lead me to a cash register. I was the yogurt girl at TCBY, I pressed men’s jackets at the local dry-cleaners, I was a nanny for two silly boys, and even called college alumns as a telemarketer…but I never got to work the register. The injustice.

Now, I’m 35, and tonight they asked for volunteers at the concession stand. You would have thought I’d won the lottery. In no time, I was turning hot dogs, preparing pretzels with cheese, and helping kids choose their favorite flavor of Laffy Taffy.

The payoff? Getting to say, “that’ll be $2.75…and flipping up the metal levers that hold down the crisp green bills. Gotta five? “$2.25 is your change…come again!” Sigh…I felt like a kid again.

Now where’s my bungee bracelet?