18 hours after walking through the hospital doors, my younger sister gave birth to her first baby, Jackson Andrew. What an ordeal. Jackson was a little stubborn. Gee, he gets it honest in this family. My entire extended family camped out in the waiting room…which means we overheard several interesting comments.

Such as…

Hayden asking me, “Where are we going to keep him? At Papaw’s house?” I explained that he gets to go home with his mom and dad.

Hayden also asking, “Is HE a GIRL?” Uhhhh…no. HE would be a boy.

After I ate a doughnut for breakfast, Greg told me I had accidentally sat on a sprinkle, which was stuck to my behind. I asked my older sis if she saw something, and she responded, “Yep. It’s pink. It’s there. And, I’m not touching it.”

You’re a blanket hog! (One adult to another!)

Hayden saying at least 9 times, “When do I get to “pet” the baby?” We explained, “You pat a baby. You PET a puppy.”

And what its really all about…

My 4-year-old niece saying to baby Jackson, “Hi, Jackson. It’s Maddie, nice to meet you.”