I lose my keys. Often. Some people have freckles. I lose my keys.

I’m often teased at work about it. My friends have suggested I wear one of those “janitor” style key rings on my waist. I’ll get right on that.

Shopping at the mall last night, I tried on a few things in the dressing room. Didn’t like any of the items, so I gave them to the attendant and headed to my car. But, I was locked out. My keys were gone. Again.

I retraced my steps, and guessed they were probably laying in the dressing room. Returning to the store, I found them on the floor of where I was changing.

I’ve also left my keys in the produce at the grocery store while inspecting strawberries.

One morning, I was later than usual for work because I couldn’t find my keys at home. Kevin asked me why I didn’t just use my spare set.

I couldn’t find those, either.