I’m officially bummed.

I went to buy new running shoes recently, and left feeling like I walked out with a pair of skis. Let me explain.

I’ve been told in the past that after women have a baby, their feet tend to grow, or STRETCH, a 1/4 inch. I used to think that was completely bogus. Then I had Griffin, and sure enough, my toes began to hang over my 9 1/2 sandals. Not the hottest look. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen Jennifer Aniston sportin’ that look in the fashion magazines.

Then, I had Hayden, and sure enough…I’m wearing size 10’s. Thrilled, I am not.

Fast forward to last night. The employee at the running store asks me my shoe size, I mutter “a 10” under my breath. I’m a little surprised to find that all of the 10’s are too snug. And the 10 1/2’s. And the 11’s. WHAT IS GOING ON?

Come to find out, the more you run, the longer one’s feet can stretch. So, with no other choice but to keep moving up the scale, I am now the proud owner of size…

11 1/2’s.

I’ll probably have to start paying double for a pedicure.