What is the going rate for the tooth fairy these days?

Seems to me that she’s all over the place. I got on the topic when talking to a friend last week, whose son had lost his fifth tooth. As a result, the tooth fairy delivered five crisp dollar bills. My friend explained that the tooth fairy slides two dollars for the second tooth, three for the third, etc.

Let’s hope her son doesn’t talk to my son anytime soon. My son will complain that he’s not getting his fair share.

Griffin has lost 7 teeth so far. For each one, the tooth fairy has brought two dollars. I thought that was rather generous, and Griffin sure isn’t complaining. Then there was the time that I was certain that the tooth fairy had forgotten to make a visit. I was supposed to “wait up” for her, but fell asleep. Panicked the next morning, I decided to cover for her, ran in and slid two ones under Griff’s pillow. Greg was worried she didn’t come, too, so he did the same without me knowing.

That was the tooth that brought four bucks! Had to laugh about that one. We explained that he lost a “special” tooth.

Whatever happened to good ol’ coins?

A friend joked that at five bucks a tooth, kids will start knocking them out voluntarily.