No, I’m not talking about Griffin and Hayden.

The other boys, the ones at work. Jim and Kevin. We have worked together on the air for many years, which means we sit together in a studio for several hours every day. We know each other so well that life at work gets a little predictable. Kevin sips from a glass of ice water each day, and likes all the pens in the studio to be placed caps up. Jim parks close to the door on rainy days because he’s worried about his hair, and drinks his coffee with cream only. I am always cold in the studio and put my headphones on when my favorite song is playing.

They joke that I wear an invisible tiara and call the shots, but that’s not true. We’re a team. I don’t ALWAYS get the final say on when to raise or lower the thermostat.

But, if I’m not happy, ain’t NOBODY happy. Isn’t that the way it should be?