I get up abnormally early for work. I am always asked how much sleep I get at night, which usually isn’t much. My alarm buzzes at 2:30, and after many snoozes, I’m in the shower by 3 am.

Over the years, I’ve tried to reduce the noise I make while getting ready for work. Nothing worse than a baby waking up in the night when I turn on the hairdryer. So, I’ve gotten used to doing a number of things more quietly so Greg and the boys can sleep.

For instance, I shower with the door slightly cracked, because shutting it can be heard in the other room. I blow-dry my hair on a lower setting. I’ve even ironed on the tile floor, to prevent opening the squeaky ironing board. I have the grout marks in my blouse to prove it.

So, Greg’s request to stuff a towel under the bathroom door to “block out the light” seemed absurd. Sorry, honey, that’s just silly.

I’ve fished around my sock drawer in the dark and worn two different colors in to work. I even keep my perfume in my car because the boys wake up to the scent.

As for the towel, I’ve got a solution if the bathroom light is keeping you awake.

Roll over.