This morning, we had our weekly “doughnut date.” Greg and I take the boys to get doughnuts, then get our groceries. Makes sense, fill them full of sugar and hope they behave for an hour.

We returned home, and 3-year-old Hayden announces, “I want a squeeze thing.” A WHAT? “A squeeze thing,” he says, with irritation in his voice because I don’t know what he means.

Normally, Griffin can decipher what his little brother is saying. Not this time. Greg shrugged his shoulders. Hayden said it one more time.

After blank stares from his parents, he marched over to the fridge, pulled out the bottom bin, and held something up. His squeeze thing? A Go-Gurt. Yogurt you squeeze out of a tube.

Of course it is.

Kids talk in code and it makes perfect sense to them. Trying to figure it out is another story.

McDonalds use to be “Big Donalds” and “I want to play across” meant “I want to play lacrosse.”

What’s the code for sitting in time alone?