“The average person has around $1200 worth of “junk” they could sell on Ebay.” I read that in Entrepreneur magazine a few weeks ago. HOT DOG! Stuff just laying around my house that I could either throw out or get PAID for? Sounds good to me.

I’ve never given Ebay a try before. Not to buy, or list an item. Greg purchased some video games recently, and paid more for postage than the actual item. But, that’s been our only Ebay experience. So, with digital camera in hand, I decided to give it a shot.

One afternoon, I went through the house and photographed anything I decided I could live without. There was the Pottery Barn surf decor that we no longer use in Griffin’s room, the white faux fur coat I’ve had for about 15 years, or the rhinestone-trimmed stilletos I BRIEFLY wore to the ACM’s in Vegas. (They killed my feet, and I walked as if I had to go to the bathroom.) They’re outta here!

I posted my first item on Ebay with excitement. A purse was my first item up for grabs! Only used it twice. Nothing expensive, but cute. This would be a 10-day auction.

The first few days, I checked my auction several times, but 0 bids. I finally got discouraged by day 7, and day 10 came and went with no fanfare.

I’m an Ebay loser.

The magazine article said you may have to post things twice, but who wants to do that?

I haven’t given up…but, my first Ebay trial was a dud. I’ll still post the rest of my glorified junk in the near future.

As for now, there’s a cute leopard-printed purse at the local Goodwill.