My 3-year-old son Hayden has a mind of his own. I think it has something to do with being the second child, though Greg says he’s stubborn like his mother. (Funny…I recall being shy. My, how things change.) The boy is not shy, and talks to anyone who will listen.

Tonight, his older brother had baseball practice, and Hayden found himself a bit bored watching the older kids play. So, he decided to make some friends. Hayden marched his stocky little body over to another mom sitting nearby, plopped down and said, “What’s your name? I’m Hayden.” By the end of their conversation, she had learned that Hannah Montana is his girlfriend, he loves the Jonas Brothers Band, and he owns his own baseball bat. “Laura” was nice enough to humor him, and before I knew it, they were sharing her ipod, each taking an earpiece, listening to music together.

We hit Skyline Chili for dinner, and Hayden was in rare form. He attempted to break some sort of record for the most oyster crackers in a mouth at one time, squeezed a bottle of hotsauce so hard it shot up into the air, and decided to mock the gentleman sitting next to us. The man called out to the waitress, “two iced teas, please!” Hayden began shouting, “two iced teas, please! Yep, two iced teas!” The kid is a comedian without a stage. The grin on his face says he knows it.

Driving home, he thought it would be fun to stick his hand out the window. Soon, he’s screaming for Greg to turn around. Our little monkey had removed his baseball hat and was holding it out the window when it blew away. Nothing like dodging traffic on a busy road to make a 3-year-old happy.

We were only out about two hours, but its always eventful. I wouldn’t have it any other way.