I love moments that happen when they are least expected. I was getting the kids ready for bed last night, turning on their night lights, etc, when I found a note laying on Griffin’s bed. His 6-year-old handwriting is rather good, so reading it was not a problem. It read, “I was a good listener today.” Thinking back through our activities since he stepped off the bus, I had to smile and agree, he certainly had his listening ears on. It struck me as odd that he was compelled to write it down. Obviously proud of himself, I guessed. I told myself I had better acknowledge his good behavior so it wouldn’t go unnoticed. He and his three-year-old brother, Hayden, were brushing the “sugarbugs” off their teeth in the bathroom.

About then, I happened to turn the note over. To my surprise, I found this written on the back:

“Hayden wasn’t.”

I laughed. Again, Griffin was telling the truth.

Hayden had his moments earlier in the day where he chose not to listen and sat in time alone. Gotta love a boy who tells it like it is. I’m guessing he gets that from his mother.